About Us

GCK Traducciones is a professional technical translation agency

based in Lima, Peru.

Welcome to the GCK Traducciones website. We are pleased to offer our expertise to help your business meet its translation, proofreading and interpretation needs.

In an increasingly globalized world, translation is an indispensable communications tool. GCK Traducciones provides your business with the most accurate, speedy and reliable translations.

We are a key link in your company’s communications network.

Our Services

Our pledge: QUALITY

We pride ourselves on our use of the very best practices in translation, research and quality assurance.
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GCK Traducciones offers specialized technical translation services in the following areas: technical, commercial, legal, mining, oil, economics, finance, advertising, IT, agribusiness, textiles, insurance, fishery, telecommunications and the environment, among others.
GCK Traducciones offers specialized Certified Translations by members of the ATPP (Peruvian Association of Professional Translators) and The Peruvian School of Traslators.
GCK Traducciones offers sworn translations by officially-appointed translators registered with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents for official translation must meet legal requirements.
We have a select group of cabin and consecutive interpreters for conferences, courses, lectures, workshops and any other event that may require a professional interpreter. Our interpreters belong to the Association of Conference Interpreters (ASIC - Peru) and have ample experience in national and international conferences and other events.
As of 2016 GCK Traducciones has provided professional Spanish Proofreading and Editing Services. Our Spanish Proofreading and Editing Services consist in revising all different kinds of texts in order to identify and correct defects in spelling, style, and grammar, as well as to improve coherence and transparence of the overall content. This allows for producing documents with correct grammar and spelling that are fluently written and consistent in terms of lexicography and semantics. Our Proofreading Services include revising the use of italics, quotation marks, capital letters, articles, abbreviations and acronyms, writing numbers, prefixes, titles, foreign words, as well as topics proper to the Spanish language, such as queísmo and dequeísmo, and the like.
The reasons

Why Choose US

Since GCK began operating in 1997, our clients portfolio has included leading national and international companies.

Our services are unique for their:

- High Quality

- Specialization

- Confidentiality

- Quick Turnaround

- Competitive and Flexible Rates Depending on the Project



Since GCK began operating in 1997, our customer portfolio has included leading national and international companies operating in the following areas: mining, the environment, oil and gas, community relations, logistics, human resources, finance and construction.



Our clients have full trust in our guarantee of confidentiality, which makes us a key player in their communications network.



Our hand-picked team of translators, proofreaders and interpreters are highly specialized in the complex world of technical translation. Quality control is an essential component of our translation process, and our demanding standards are rigorously applied to all documents before they are delivered to our clients





Our experience of over 22 years has allowed us to become specialists in the following areas:


✅Environmental Impact Studies
✅Water Balance
✅Sediment Ponds
✅Waste Dumps
✅Tailings Management Facilities
✅Leach Pads

Oil & Gas

✅Gas Pipelines
✅Trestle Bridges
✅Marine Facilities
✅Oil Wells


✅Load and Haul Roads
✅Technical Specifications
✅Seismic Studies
✅Geotechnical Investigations

Community Relations

✅Social Impact Studies
✅Social Performance ✅Management
✅Resettlement Plans
Community Studies

Human Resources

✅Corporate Policies and Standards Job Descriptions
✅Performance Management ✅Procedures


✅Laws, rules and regulations
✅Powers of Attorney
✅Supreme Decrees
✅All kinds of contracts and agreements


✅Purchase Orders
✅Packing Lists
✅Commercial Invoices


✅Financial Statements
✅Auditors Reports
✅Promissory Notes
✅Letters of Credit
✅Letters of Warrant